Review of Software Engineering, Second Edition.

The following review appeared in the November 2016 issue of CHOICE: Information & Computer Science 54-1247 QA76 2015-30294 CIP

Leach, Ronald J. Introduction to software engineering. 2nd ed. CRC Press, 2016. 400p bibl index afp ISBN 9781498705271, $89.96; ISBN 9781498705301 ebook, $69.97.

In its second edition, Leach's work can best be described as a traditional text on software engineering. The book is conventionally organized in its presentation of the phases of software engineering. However, it is quite modern in its treatment of those phases with the author's early introduction of eight different approaches to the software life cycle. Nine chapters address various aspects of software engineering. The introductory chapter provides an overview of software engineering and different approaches to the software life cycle: the classical waterfall, rapid prototyping, the spiral model, agile programming, and others. Further chapters discuss project management tools, techniques and metrics associated with performing requirements analysis, and the software development process. However, the discussion of the development process is generically covered and does not provide significant details associated with specific programming languages or software systems. The following chapters explain how to uniformly and completely document the software system and emphasize the role of quality documentation. Each chapter offers further readings and contains suggested exercises. There are extended references and an excellent index.

--J. Beidler, University of Scranton Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals and practitioners.

Review of Software Reuse: Methods, Models, Costs.

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A software engineering and management guide to the theoretical and practical aspects of software reuse. Covers the complete software lifecycle/domain, source code to design, documentation, test results, and installation. Advances a good reusability rationale, details implementation techniques, and presents metrics based on early results. Discusses reuse library management, domain analysis, reusable software certification, cost estimation models, and software reengineering issues.

Reviews tools and presents case studies. Contains a good discussion of the economic aspects of software reuse.


Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

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This book consists of selected essential and advanced topics in UNIX. Process and file systems, process creation, IPC tech details, fault tolerance, security and standardization (POSIX) are all grist for the author's mill. Replete with command examples, code fragments and diagrams, this text is both readable and illuminating a daunting task which Leach surmounts with ease. This book may be useful if you re just learning UNIX, or are looking to augment your UNIX library.

Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

5 star Great Book highly recommended great book great chapter on shared memory an issue always confused in the UNIX environment. (, July 27, 1997)

Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

5 star

This is a must have for the Unix ehnthusiast... I love this book so much that I sleep with it at night... It is just that good.. If you have any questions about it feel free to e-mail me to ask me questions about it!! Later. (A customer, October 29, 199)

Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

3 star

"Advanced Topics" tries to get its hands across a large subject. Unfortunately, it's too short, and thus too shallow. It tries to cover the intermediate and advanced UNIX system details, but does not go deeply enough to present a complete picture. The proper title should be "Introduction to Advanced Topics in UNIX". There are similar books out there that go for 800-1000 pages. Get one of those and you'll know UNIX very well. Then, get a book on the specific flavor of UNIX you're using. This book is good as an introduction to the above 2 books. (A customer, Jan 28, 1999)

Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

From Dan Elcher:(November 10, 2006)

Dr. Leach,

I wanted to drop you a short note to let you know how much I have enjoyed and learned from your book Advanced Topics in UNIX.

I work as a UNIX Administrator for the CISE Department at the University of Florida and your book is the rare combination that fills a missing niche and is written at the intermediate level. In my case, it bridges the gap between UNIX system administration texts and UNIX systems programming books. Thanks Again for a wonderful book. Dan

Review of Advanced Topics in UNIX:

"TIP: Inquisitive readers can investigate Unix operating system design issues in the excellent book:Advanced Topics in UNIX: Processes, Files, and Systems by Ronald J. Leach (Wiley, 1994). On page 85 of "Programming for Embedded Systems: Cracking the Code" by Dreamtech Software Team (published Jul 5, 2002)